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Our History

Christ the Solid Rock Church began on October 7, 2003 in the home of Herman and Carolyn Bachus. When the small group of founders had outgrew the space, they met at the home of Larry & Carmen Sain.


The Bachus’s met with interested members, to discuss the foundation of a Bible study group, An intense commitment toward learning the Word of God, laid the foundation for the Church. The founders were, Rev Ernest & Doris Winters, Herman & Carolyn Bachus, Tommy & Rose Brown, Carrie Dority, Carter Franklin, Mary Henderson, Katheryne Johnson, Deloris Peyton, Larry & Carmen Sain. When the group outgrew the Sain's home, they moved to the Quality Inn Hotel on East Broadway. With much prayer, the founders moved from Bible study to the formation of a Church, Rev. Ernest Winters became the first Pastor.


In commitment and partnership towards ministry, all of the leaders had important roles in the beginning. Larry Sain became head Deacon and trustee. Herman Bachus was the Deacon in training; Sister Mary Henderson, a Trustee;  Sister Katheryne Johnson, Trustee, Treasurer and Usher. Brother Carter Franklin, Trustee and Sister Carmen Sain was the Church Administrator. The Voices in Harmony provided worship music. Eventually, the choir was organized with Sis.Carolyn Bachus, Sis.Carrie Dority, Sis. Mary Henderson, Sis. Latanya Jackson, & Sis.Laverne Kimball. The Church adopted the theme ;



On December 7, 2003, the Church held it's first worship service and welcomed over 80 people. Bro. Harold, Sis.Renee Bender & Sis. Brenda Welsh became the first non-charted members to join. Later in 2003 Sister Renee Smith Graham, founded the Nurse's Ministry. Initially she was the only nurse.


On January 18, 2004, the church ordained their first Deacon, Herman Bachus. In February 2004, Sis. Rose Brown was asked to serve on the Mothers Board. Shortly thereafter Sis. Deloris Peyton & Sis. Sharon Gray were invited to serve on the Mothers Board. They were publicly certified on May 9, 2004.


On February 25, 2004, the Rock lead the African American Clergy Community Lenten Services.

During the Month of March 2004, the Nurses Guild was created. Sis Renee Bender served the Pastor, and Sister Nancy Hill joined the nurse guild. Under the direction of our Advisor, Evangelist First Lady Doris Winters, Nancy Hill was appointed the Director of the nurses’s. We then added Sister Amy Waege, Sister Erica Anderson, and Sister Tanya Peyton to the board. Along with our first junior nurse Markell Winters.


 On May 23, 2004, Rev. Winters and Deacon Bachus performed the first Baptism. In August with talent, conviction & dedication, Erica Anderson and Terrica Peyton started the youth Choir, accompanied by the Minister of Music, Bro.David Joyce.


2005 was a prosperous year for the Church. The Children's first choir anniversary was held. Pastor Everett Mitchell was the guest speaker. The Angel choir was started under the direction of Sis. Erica Dixon. Minister Anthony Watkins formed the Brotherhood ministry, encouraging unity to the men of the Church. The Praise Dance Ministry was formed, adding an artistic component to the church. This was started by Sis Mya Johnson-Brown & Sis Landria Carruthers  Harris. Other members who helped with the praise dance ministry were Sis. Jatara Holmes, Sis. Doris Winters & Sis. Jasmine Timmons. The praise dance team performed their first dance at the Juneteenth celebration that year. They had grown to 35 members, and Sis. Crystal Brooks became the director. Additional members joined the Nurse's board, in 2005 they were Sister Terrica Peyton and Sister Arnetta Holmes.


In 2006 the church had outgrown the hotel and began looking for another location. After months of searching and meeting with realtors, we finally located the building at 1502 Parkside Drive.  As our church grew, we were blessed to add three more trustees, Brother Charles Benton, Brother Ronald Cato, and Brother Ken Goldsby. During this time Sister LaTanya Webb joined the Nurse's board.


Early in 2007, construction was well under way to renovate the building. Most of the founders along with Pastor Winters were busy assisting with some of the manual labor. With great pride and joy, Pastor Winters led the congregation as we marched from the parking lot through the front doors into our new church home. The church family dedicated the entire building by anointing and praying over every room, doorpost, and piece of equipment. Sister Cassandra Britt and Sister Antoinette Neal joined the Nurse's board that year.


In 2008, the Praise and Worship Ministry was added under the leadership of Sis Latanya Maymon.


In 2009, Sis. Nikki Sayles started the Mime dance team. They added a different dynamic to praise and worship.  Four more nurses joined, they were Sister Missy Russell, Sister Narrisia Harrison, Sister Ruthie Stewart, and Sister Arkeiya.


The Missionary Committee was formed under the direction of Evangelist Alice Howard and First Lady Doris Winters. Their roles involved visiting the sick and shut-in, nursing homes, offering prayer, assisting with Bible study and performing various missionary services in the community.


The Bereavement Ministry was developed, under the leadership of Sister Cecelia Timmons. This ministry was started to help assist the Pastor in coordinating immediate support to our church members when a love one has died. This ministry is comprised of the nurse’s board, ushers, music ministry, fellowship committee, the deacon board and bereavement coordinator.


In 2010, the Pastor Aide committee was formed, Sis. Samantha Milon was president and Sis. Tamara Lowery vice-president.


Evangelist Howard worked tirelessly to get teachers and staff trained to teach Sunday school. The first teachers were Sis. Judy Green,  Sis. Joyce Robertson, Sis. Shirley Jones, Sis. Latanya Webb, Sis. Mary Henderson, Evangelist Howard and Pastor Winters.


Sis. Angela Leisure with prayer and dedication worked towards a vision that God had place on her heart and that was to purchase a Church van. She held many fundraisers to generate money towards the Van.


On August 11, 2011, Pastor Everett Mitchell was appointed as our interim Pastor.   


On February 19, 2012, the church extended the call to Pastor Everett D. Mitchell from Mt Zion Baptist Church to become the second Pastor, he was installed on May 25, 2012. Pastor Mitchell's vision through God, is that we become a church that loves to serve people, because only in service can we make a difference in the world. " Living to love, Love to serve and serving to make a difference," living up to our theme, “The Church where Everybody is Somebody”

The theme for the installation service was "A Servant's Heart". Jeremiah 3:15. The word was brought forth by Pastor Mitchell's father in the ministry, Bishop Kenneth Spears, of First Saint John Full Gospel Baptist Church, of Fort Worth, Texas.


Since becoming the Pastor, the following ministries have been developed under Pastor Mitchell’s leadership: The youth team ministry, Rites of passage, Men's choir, The Welcoming team, New members orientation, the reconstruction of the Women's and Men's ministry, and the purchase of the church van. The church library was established by Sister Cecelia Timmons. We have been building stronger collaborations with faith communities in Dane County, leveraged our relationship with the Madison School district to provide insight into their strategic plans. We won a grant from United Way of Dane county to promote school attendance and decrease behavioral referrals, started a vegetable garden for the church, and received a $10,000 grant to support our work with the youth. We became the first black church in Madison to support our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters in Christ.


On October 26, 2013, we celebrated our 10th Anniversary. The Theme: Epic Journey- Where we've been- Where we are - Where we're going. Jeremiah 29:11. The guest speaker was Pastor Stephen Marsh, Lake Edge Lutheran Church. It was held at the Marquis Ballroom.

This joyous occasion was attended by over 100 people.


The following members were ordained as Deacons in November 2014: Deacon Barbara McKinney, Deacon Jerome Flowers, Deacon Gary Barnes, Deacon Keith Johnson, Deacon Joyce Webb, and Deacon Agnes Mack.


In 2015 the reconstruction of the new members class was started under Deacon Flowers leadership. The Usher Board joined The United Church Ushers Association of Wisconsin, Inc., becoming the first church in the Madison area to join.


In January 2016, Sister Janice Toliver developed a Sunday School training program to revitalize Sunday School. The training program resulted in six teachers:  Minister Anthony Watkins, Sister Crystal Brown, Sister Mary Henderson, Sister Laverne Patterson, Sister Crystal Hutson, and Sister Brandice Hatcher who completed the training and received certificates blessed by the congregation.


On June 26,2016, one year after walking into her Call to preach and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ, Sister Janice Toliver preached her initial sermon, titled, “ How to Want To”, John 5:1-8. Sister Janice Toliver was voted unanimously by the congregation present, was licensed to preach, and anointed as Minister Toliver, becoming Pastor Mitchell’s first ministry licensee and spiritual daughter.


On July 17, 2016, Sister LaTanya Maymon, preached her initial sermon, titled, “The fruit of the Spirit”, Galatians 5:22-23. Sister LaTanya Maymon was voted unanimously by the congregation present, was licensed to preach, and anointed as Minister Maymon, becoming Pastor Mitchell’s second ministry licensee and spiritual daughter.


As of 2016 the Nurse's board consisted of Sister Tanya Peyton, Director, Sister Missy Russell, Vice President, Sister Shay Hall, Sister Renee Hall, Sister Arnetta Holmes, Sister Cassandra Britt, Sister Lanetta Jackson, Sister Renee Graham, Sister Brandice Hatcher, Sister Ernease Williams and Sister Tiaisha Smith.

July 22, 2016 Reverend Everett Mitchell was installed as Dane County Circuit Court Judge, becoming Judge Everett Mitchell, continuing his anointed work in the community as well as in the church, bringing compassion and honor to the courtroom. Hon Rev Mitchell is a reflection for our black and brown children that would not otherwise have an example to aspire to.


August 7, 2016 was the first Tom Thumb fundraiser wedding. The bride was Kashiah Smith and the groom was Martez Hudson. The Church picnic was held on the same day and served as the reception for the Tom Thumb wedding. September 24, 2016 the youth explosion was held, and their Scripture was Ephesians 6:10-11.


The Pastors Aide committee honored Pastor Mitchell on May 21, 2017 for his 5th year anniversary. Pastor Stephen Marsh was the guest speaker.


On August 19, 2017 the first fashion show fundraiser was held in conjunction with the church anniversary, the theme was “Rocking the Styles.” The 10 models either attended or were members of the church. They each rocked their own clothing. It was well received, with a lot of laughs, great styles and it was a huge success.


August 27, 2017, the ushers won the first-place plaque regarding the most usher’s in attendance at Jeremiah Missionary Baptist Church in Milwaukee (against seven other larger congregations.)


On September 3, 2017, The Mother’s Board had their new white uniforms and hats dedicated by Pastor Mitchell. President Mother Delores Peyton, Mother Barbara Haynes, Mother Ellen Harris, Mother Yolanda Evans, Mother Barbara McKinney, Mother Beverly Watkins, Mother Joyce Webb, Mother Rose Brown & Mother Mary Williams. Daughters in training are Sister Ella Brown, Sister Renee Graham and Sister Sheva Lightning.


October 2017, Christ the Solid Rock celebrated its 14th year church anniversary. Theme was “Family Building Together in Love,” chaired by Sister Cecelia Timmons


November 19, 2017, Sister Gloria Charles preached her trial sermon, “What’s Love Got to do With It”. Luke 6:27-28. She was licensed to preach and given the title of Minister.


On January 21, 2018, Sister Ruthie Stewart preached her trial sermon, “ Out with the Old in With the New”.  Ephesians 4:22-24. She was licensed to preach and given the title of Minister.


July 2018, Christ the Solid Rock voted to form a committee to begin conversations with Lake Edge United Church of Christ toward becoming the first bodies of Christ to join two different denominations in a church partnership. Members of that committee were Sister Cecelia Timmons, Minister Janice Toliver, Brother Walter Williams, Leanne Puglielli, Brother Les Haynes, Sister Katherine & Brother Jimmie Stanford, and Deacon Barbara McKinney.


September 9, 2018, “Serving with the Spirit of Humility “ Colossians 3:23-24 was the theme for the adult & youth Usher Anniversary Celebration. 


September 23, 2018, The Annual Youth Explosion was held during morning service. The Theme “It’s our Season,” with scripture coming from Jeremiah 29:11. The youth and Angel choirs were dynamic and the exploded with song and praise. Directors are Sister Erica McNeil & Sister Erica Dixon.


October 13, 2018, the United Vision Team was formed with the partnership committees from both Christ the Solid Rock and Lake Edge United Church of Christ to move forward with negotiations and discussions to inform each congregation fully and completely, and work toward a vote to solidify the partnership between the two churches. Sister Cecelia Timmons was the chair for Christ the Solid Rock.


October 28, 2018, Christ the Solid Rock Baptist Church celebrated its 15th Church Anniversary at the Sheraton Inn. The theme was “Still Standing United, and Kept by the Grace of God,” Ephesians 2:10 – guest speaker was Pastor Torey Franklin, Fort Worth Texas. Chaired by Sister Earnestine Moss and co-chaired by Sister Cecelia Timmons.


June 23, 2019 under the leadership of Hon Rev Everett Mitchell, Minister Janice Toliver became the first woman in Christ the Solid Rock Baptist Church history to assist in the sacred act of baptizing others by immersion in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


June 30, 2019 Christ the Solid Rock Baptist Church congregation held a vote to decide whether or not to seal the partnership with Lake Edge United Church of Christ and move from 1502 Parkside Drive to sharing the space at 4200 Buckeye Road. The vote was successful with the majority of the present voting members choosing to make it official and partner with Lake Edge UCC.


July 28, 2019 there was a combined service and lease-signing celebration held at Lake Edge United Church of Christ, to officially sign the new lease for the groundbreaking never-before-done coming together of a predominantly black congregation with a predominantly white congregation with the sole purpose of being an example to the community of the unbounding love of Jesus Christ. 1502 Parkside Drive location went up for sale.

October 2, 2019 the sale of the Parkside location was officially closed on. October 3, 2019 there was one last baptism and communion ceremony to bid farewell to our 16-year home as the Lord blessed us to pack up and move out to our new home at 4200 Buckeye Road on October 5th having our first full and official service on the first Sunday, October 6, 2019.

March 2020, the world was hit with a pandemic and the church had to pivot to alternative means of communications and getting the service out to our congregation and those in need. In these historical days, we are grateful to God for keeping us through it all and blessing us to still stand.

July 25, 2021, Pastor Mitchell ordained Min Janice Toliver. Those on the Ordination panel were: Rev David Hart, Rev Judson Fraley, Rev. Karla Garcia, Rev. Al George, & Rev. Phil Haslanger.


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